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Who is organising this event ?

Our team consists of some of the most respected web practitioners both locally and globally. We’re regular contributors to Open Source, and have run many events in the past, from user group meetups to conferences. We’ve also spoken at events all over India and internationally.

We know what makes an event great, and we’re striving to create an inclusive and memorable conference here in India.

Our thanks go to countless volunteers aiding us in creating a remarkable event.

The event is organized under registered entity Geekabyte which is founded by the organizers Manjula Dube and Sahil Mhapsekar.



Geekabyte (opens in a new tab) is a group of expert developers who will share with you their knowledge and experience with ReactJS, JavaScript & Full Stack Development. We are well-known in the community for previously consulting and taking training session. Geekabyte is founded by Manjula Dube (opens in a new tab) and co-founder Sahil Mhapsekar (opens in a new tab).

Geekabyte is a brand of APHERIO TECH PRIVATE LIMITED. (opens in a new tab)